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Eyes fixated and never wavering from the body lying limp beneath me, skin now pale and stained in a vibrant crimson.

Saliva dripped uncontrollably as I lolled out my tongue, just barely tasting the raw flesh, grazing over its smooth texture.

Those eyes

They were one bright before I tore a hole in your chest and watched it flicker out as your life spilt through my fingers.

Saliva dribbled down my chin as the gnawing in my stomach became so much more excruciating by the second, in desperation my teeth grind together to parry my desire with the sliver of sanity I had left.

I can't give in.

I need food.

I can't become one of them.

I have to eat.

I don't want to become a monster.

I don't want to lose the humanity I have left.

I can't consider myself human anymore.

My hand reaches for the corpse; I can almost taste it, I can almost taste the blood and flesh running over my tongue.

The thought sends me over the edge, body quivering.

Already ghosting over one of your arms I rip the limb apart at the elbow,

Satisfying my hunger through you who made a horrible, horrible mistake

To get near me

At the worst timing.

With every bite, with every swallow

Like a mantra I continue to repeat these words over and over in my head

Knowing it will never make up for any of this

'I'm so sorry'
desire and regret intertwined
Coming up with titles is hard ;-;

Music I was listening to while writing. This mix is so good!…
The time has finally come.... :iconzoominplz:

Hey everyone, just wanted to wish you all a good start of 2015.

I can't believe 2014 is already over...I mean, it feels as if school started only a couple weeks ago. Time went by fast, way too fast. o-o Welp,*let's out a short breath* ONWARD TO A NEW YEAR!! that face XD 

Thing is though I'm not gonna be celebrating new years this year since...well...I dunno, I just see today as any other day. Ehhh, as bad as it sounds that's the way my derpy mind sees most holidays now. *is mostly stuck at home due to car always being a that's probably why*
Either way, have an awesome new year everyone! Awesome Face, Doctor Style 
  • Reading: Detective Conan, Kuroshitsuji
  • Watching: Anime...too much anime
  • Playing: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter ha i wish pc2old4dat
  • Eating: Food...I think .___.


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:bulletgreen: Follow me on Vine! Stella_Blue! (eeeehhhhh...I barely use it tho)
:bulletred: If anyone needs to contact me for any reason feel free to email me at
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Hello, My name is Stella! I'm just a random girl you happened to come across who loves to write and mess around in GIMP every so often (aka the limited version of Photoshop...totally would recommend this software to those who are trying to get into digital art).

Back in my past days of being here on Deviantart I actually wrote a lot of fanfiction, but I'm trying to branch off into poetry and see what my little brain will come up with now, I see it as a good challenge that I now officially accept. Photography and Traditional Art were also things I was interested in-and still somewhat am-so if you scroll back a couple pages in my gallery you might find some random sketches and photos scattered here and there.

If you haven't guessed, I love anime/manga and video games! So I guess you could say I'm an otaku. I'm aware that that word can be seen as something negative to some people...*shrugs* eh, I don't care. Either definition is fine. c': A couple games I find myself playing a lot are Osu!, the Attack on Titan: Tribute Game and some emulated DS and GameBoy games every so often. My recent anime and manga favorites so far are Detective Conan (both anime and manga), Parasyte the maxim (just the anime), Akame ga Kill (still need to read the manga), and Hunter X Hunter (caught up in the anime and lost track of where I left off in the manga. ;_; )

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